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What Do Single and Double Beam Spectrophotometers Do?

A single and double beam spectrophotometer is an instrument which is designed to measure light by wavelength distribution. There are a wide variety of different sizes and styles of spectrophotometers both single and dual beam, with their size and configuration largely dependent on the specific applications for which they are designed. A single beam instrument is used to measure the intensity of a beam of light before and then after the addition of a sample and uses a light source, a prism and a photocell a...


Should I Replace My Speedometer Cluster Myself?

When you look at your dashboard what you are actually looking at is an instrument cluster. Within in the instrument cluster are several individual clusters, or gauges, that produce readings on certain aspects of the car. These readings are to inform you of different aspects of your car that are important for you to know. This information helps you to take care of your car and prevent further damage as well as know when to go to the gas station to fill up.One of the gauges in the instrument cluster is the sp...


Wristwatches With Altimeters - How The Barometer Works

If you are into watches with altimeters you need to know the basics of how they function. They're not all that complicated, but it is good to understand how they work so you can draw inference from the data they give you. The altimeter readout on the timepiece is simply a translation of barometric pressure. The barometric pressure technology is what drives much of these watches' altitude and weather predicting capabilities. Thus, without a barometer, these watches would be just another watch. The small aner...


Watching The Weather With A Barometer

While many weekend warriors head for the outdoors to escape the headaches of modern life. The outdoor experience can be enhanced without ruining the natural aspect of the trip with a serious weather instrument like a barometer.With that in mind, there is a hand held barometer on the market has functional weather features and is light weight. Most barometer are too heavy to take with you when hiking in the outdoors, but with a hand held barometer that weighs only a couple of ounces you will definitely want t...


How To Measure Pressure

Air is so light that you need the special instrument called a barometer to measure air pressure. The barometer was first thought of by an Italian scientist named Torricelli, in 1644. A simple experiment showed him that air had pressure, and that this pressure could be measured. You can do this same experiment. All you need is a glass tube about 3 feet long, closed at one end; some mercury (a metal sometimes called quicksilver); and a small dish. Fill the tube and the dish with mercury. Hold your finger over...


Info About Headaches and the Weather

Headaches can keep you as a prisoner in the house as they disable you from doing the regular activities. There can be various reasons of headaches. The general three types of headaches are tension headaches, migraine headaches and cluster headaches. The tension headaches are caused buy muscle contraction in face, scalp, jaws and neck. The migraine attacks give rise to pulsating pain and this is often caused by reasons like excess consumption of carbohydrate and sometimes during the menstrual cycle. The clus...


Importance of Barometric Pressure

Barometric pressure, or more commonly known as atmospheric pressure, is the force that is created against objects, by the weight of the atmosphere above them. That may seem like an unusual thing to fathom, as air is weightless due to the lack of mass. Or is it? However, look at it from this way, that gravity pulls objects down to the core of the Earth, including the air above us. This force upon the air is hence referred to as barometric pressure.When it comes to measuring this pressure, a barometer is used...


Barometers, Atmospheric Pressure And Weather Forecasts

Changes in atmospheric pressures on barometers supply the reliable data for weather forecasts. The air surrounding our planet produces atmospheric pressure. The pressure is lesser and the air is thinner as you take flight in an aircraft or as you move up into mountaintops. Atmospheric pressure (also identified as barometric pressure or air pressure) is gauged utilizing an apparatus termed as a barometer. A falling barometer signifies lessening air pressure and a rising barometer signifies mounting air pres...


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