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What Do Single and Double Beam Spectrophotometers Do?

A single and double beam spectrophotometer is an instrument which is designed to measure light by wavelength distribution. There are a wide variety of different sizes and styles of spectrophotometers both single and dual beam, with their size and configuration largely dependent on the specific applications for which they are designed. A single beam instrument is used to measure the intensity of a beam of light before and then after the addition of a sample and uses a light source, a prism and a photocell as well as a sample holder for the material being analyzed by means of spectrophotometry.Spectrophotometer single beam or double beam models offer the ability to control the wavelength and intensity of the light source. The results provided by these instruments are in the form of voltage fluctuations which are the light energy received by the photo cell into the form of electrical energy, which is then displayed and/or recorded on a connected computer for further analysis.By contrast, spectrophotometers whi...


Info About Headaches and the Weather

Headaches can keep you as a prisoner in the house as they disable you from doing the regular activities. There can be various reasons of headaches. The general three types of headaches are tension headaches, migraine headaches and cluster headaches. The tension headaches are caused buy muscle contraction in face, scalp, jaws and neck. The migraine attacks give rise to pulsating pain and this is often caused by reasons like excess consumption of carbohydrate and sometimes during the menstrual cycle. The cluster headache is the rarest form of headache and it mostly attacks men. They feel excruciating pain around their eyes and on one side of their head. There are other reasons as well like eye stress, cold, brain tumor, brain cancer, encephalitis etc. According to some of the studies the weather change has a close relationship with headaches. A study states that almost 51% of the headaches are linked with the weather. The studies conducted with many patients show that many of them feel that their headache is ca...


Importance of Barometric Pressure

Barometric pressure, or more commonly known as atmospheric pressure, is the force that is created against objects, by the weight of the atmosphere above them. That may seem like an unusual thing to fathom, as air is weightless due to the lack of mass. Or is it? However, look at it from this way, that gravity pulls objects down to the core of the Earth, including the air above us. This force upon the air is hence referred to as barometric pressure.When it comes to measuring this pressure, a barometer is used to measure the downward force that the atmosphere exerts in a unit of a certain area. This instrument can come in different designs and functions, but the main function is to give the reading of barometric pressure. An example of a standard reading at sea level is estimated to be 101.325 kPA. This can also be referred to as 1 atm, which abbreviation is derived from the word 'atmosphere' of pressure. Basically, different places and weather patterns will give different readings, with elevated areas having le...


Barometers, Atmospheric Pressure And Weather Forecasts

Changes in atmospheric pressures on barometers supply the reliable data for weather forecasts. The air surrounding our planet produces atmospheric pressure. The pressure is lesser and the air is thinner as you take flight in an aircraft or as you move up into mountaintops. Atmospheric pressure (also identified as barometric pressure or air pressure) is gauged utilizing an apparatus termed as a barometer. A falling barometer signifies lessening air pressure and a rising barometer signifies mounting air pressure. A classic mercury barometer is a glass tube nearly three feet high packed with mercury. This tube lies upside down in a reservoir, which holds mercury, too. Its Italian inventor, Evangelista Torricelli, designed this type of barometer in 1643. In low pressure zones, air is mounting away from the earth's surface faster than it can be substituted by air streaming in from surrounding zones. This decreases the weight of air over the reservoir thus the mercury level plunges to a lower level. On the contr...


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